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  II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej w Zamościu  
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"To Bring Memory Back" edition 2006-2007

DĘBICA - Zespół Szkół Nr 2 linia

Who are we

The School Complex No.2 in Debica is quite popular among the graduates of the Middle Schools. Our school is trying to adapt to the needs related to the labour market and the application for the higher studies. The beginnings were rather modest; in 1950 a Professional School of Rubber Technology was established, which later was joined by the Chemical Professional School. In  1985 the school was given name of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski and was awarded with the National Education Commission medal. In 1987 the third school was established as a part of the complex – Professional Electronics School, and in 2006 a fourth one- Professional Informatics School. In 1990 we moved to a new building, and in 1993 the first class of the High School was established. Since 1997 the Complex has integration classes.

Why we do this project

We do this project because we want to learn about history of the Jewish community in our town, their life before and after the World War II. We would like also to explore their culture, their customs, and their religion.

Jewish community in our town

The coming of the first Jews is documented at the end of 17th century. Shortly after they became majority in the town of Stara Debica. That’s where the synagogue was built. On the beginning of 17th century a new Jewish community was established in Nowa Debica, where the new synagogue was raised. At the end of 19th century the Jews constituted two thirds of the town’s population.In the period between the two world wars the town was developing rapidly and the Jews were no more than 20% of the population. Then the World War II broke out and the Nazis established a ghetto, which was closed in April 1943. The majority of the Jews from Debica were murdered in concentration camps in Belzec and Pustkow. Only few dozen Jews survived the war, most of them have left Poland. The last Jew living in Debica, named Izrael Goldberg, died in 1991.   

What we do in the project

Create a multimedia project showing the old Dębica from the pre-war period, inhabited by both Polish and Jewish communities, and comparing it to the present state (computer animation).
Join forces with the Society of the Friends of Dębica in the project of building a monument to commemorate the victims of the Dębica ghetto.
Get in contact with former citizens of the town of Jewish origins, gather their relations about the World War II and publish them in local media.
Let the students discover the living Jewish culture, traditions and habits, publication of the relations on the school website: http://kwiatek.debica.pol.pl

What we are going to do next

On another stage we will gather the memories of the people who stall remember the Jews living In Debica before the Word War II. We will also take care of the cemetery and place of memory commemorating the Jews murdered by the Nazis during the war.We realize the project basing on our sources and our own funds, with a help from the Society of the Friends of Debica.

What are we proud of

We are proud that we have started the project and keep realizing it…


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