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  II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej w Zamościu  
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"To Bring Memory Back" edition 2006-2007

CZĘSTOCHOWA - Gimnazjum nr 15 linia

Who are we

Middle School No.15

This is our second year in the program, and apparently more and more people are interested in the master of Polish Jews, and the story of Jewish community in Czestochowa. We meet every Tuesday to discuss our actions.

The participants:
  • Paulina Bielecka
  • Natalia Kopica
  • Tomasz Malec
  • Anna Musioł
  • Sylwia Muszczek
  • Pamela Piech
  • Martyna Piątek
  • Aleksandra Podolska
  • Krzysztof Pituła
  • Marta Sobalak
  • Marta Stala

Why we do this project

We want to know the history, tradition and culture of the Jews of Czestochowa.

Jewish community in our town

During the Word War II there were many Jews living in Czestochowa, most of them perished with the ghetto. Few dozen years ago there was a synagogue near the Old Square.

Today there are not many Jews in our town; recently died Ms. Proskurowska (Jewish woman with extremely rich and interesting history of life). We managed to discover Mr. Szelak (whose mother was Jewish), and Mrs. Jastrzebski and Bochenski who were providing a secure hiding place for the Jews during the war.

What we do in the project

- Clean up the cemetery;

- Make a list of monuments;

- Read the inscriptions on matzevot;

- Make interviews with senior citizens;

- Prepare a ceremony to commemorate the victims of Holocaust;

- Take care of the tomb of Ms. Proskurowska, citizen of our town of Jewish descendance;

- meeting with Antoni Bochenski, awarded with the title „Righteous Among the Nations”;

What we are going to do next

Clean up the cemetery, publish articles in local press, prepare a memorial day to commemorate Ms. Proskurowska, along with Holocaust Memorial Day celebrated by an art contest in our school.

Who is helping us

Delitte enterprise is helping us in cleaning up the cemetery.

What are we proud of

We are especially proud of the fact that we have manager to find people of Jewish origin in our town and get in contact with them, to learn about their life during the World War II.


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