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  II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej w Zamościu  
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2007-02-13 Pre-war students of the school in Miedzna

During our meeting we had opportunity to take a look at our school’s Gradebook, dating back to the school year 1932/1933. It contains the names of the then students of our school, which was located inside an old inn. Today we know that many of them were Jews. We have learned the difference between Jews and Christians, we know who can be called a Jew and what the principles of his, or her religion are. Many of the students listed in the Gradebook had names which sounded strange to us. We know that amongst them were: 
- Ruchla Finkelsztejn – born on January 15, 1921 in Miedzna;
- Szaja Dawid Fajgenbaum – born on July 27, 1923 in Miedzna;
- Hana Dwojra Hochberg – born on December 4, 1923 in Miedzna;
- Rojza Ogrodnik – born on November 8, 1924 in Sterdynia;
- Chaja Sura Fajgenbaum – born on July 14, 1924 in Miedzna;
- Fajga Hochberg – born on August 25, 1925 in Miedzna;
- Masza Milijon – born on June 25, 1923 in Miedzna;
- Chana Milijon – born on March 15, 1925 in Miedzna;
- Szejndla Finkelsztein – born on March 6, 1923 in Miedzna;
- Lejzor Frydman – born on April 1, 1923 in Miedzna;
- Abram Icko Farbiarz – born on January 15, 1920 in Miedzna;
- Sura Liba Fajgenbaum – born on September 15, 1920 in Miedzna;

It’s a pity that people with such family names are no more living in our town; we could get more information about their fate. Every one of us could take a piece of paper with one of the above names written on it. Questions were asked: what happened to those people? Where they currently are? Where are their descendants, since we haven’t seen them or haven’t heard of them here since the war? What is the origin of their names? Where were they living? What were they doing? Who were their parents?At the end we decided that we should find answers to those questions. We are going to do it during our future meetings.A Star of David was formed of those little pieces of paper with the names written in beautifully carved letters. Those two triangles put together symbolize the coexistence of the visible and invisible worlds.    

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