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Between July 12th and August 31st, 2013 an exhibition ‘Dialogue, monologue, silence’ by Magdalena Atkins, Tomasz Czyżewski, Joanna Fodczuk-Garcia and Iwona Stachura was presented in the 'Synagogue' Center of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland. Opening of the exhibition took place on July 12th.

Magdalena Atkins
Magdalena Atkins graduated the Academy of Fine Art in Poznań. Her passion for make-up is a natural progression from painting where she sees each face as an individual canvas on which to paint a beautiful picture. During 10 years of living in London, she worked in Harrods – the Mecca of art and beauty – plus work with many presigious models agencies and studios. Nowadays, she lives and works in Warsaw, Poland and is in demand for photo-shoots, make-up training and as chief make-up artist to celebrities for television appearances and magazine articles. Magda also consults on matters of product development and merchandising for several well-known cosmetics manufacturers, retailers and many celebrities.

Tomasz Czyżewski
Tomasz Czyżewski graduated from the Gdynia College of Art and the faculty of Painting, Grap
hics and Sculpture of the University of Arts in Poznań. He received a degree in painting space composition – “Ideal Home” in 1995. He is a painter and a space designer, as well as the head of Art Department in Regional Museum in Kutno. Not only is he a creator of poetic events, but also a performer, a founder and a participant of artistic and social groups: Hrenosz, Agencja Najemnik, Wspaniali&Lubiani, Dom, Galeria Środek Europy, Nieformalna Grupa 8.

In cooperation with museums and art galleries he presents cycles of ex
hibitions on art history and contemporary art issues. At present he is carrying out his two independent projects: “Masculine Art Areas” and “Rudimentary Landscape”.

Joanna Fodczuk-Garcia, Los Angeles
Joanna Fodczuk-Garcia was born in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. She now lives in Los Angeles, California. Abstract Painter - Oil& Watercolor - also Collage, Object and Installation. She received her MFA in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Poznan, Poland in 1997 in studio of professor Jerzy Kałucki.

'My work is a living map of the terrain of my heart, a reflection of the journey through the gardens and deserts of the interior landscape. It is the visual journal of the discovered vocabulary, realizations and questions that emerge along the way.'

Iwona Stachura,
Iwona Stachura was born in 1968 in Kielce. In 1996 she graduated from PWSSP (The Academy of Fine Arts) in Poznań where she studied painting at the class of Professor Jerzy Kałucki. She specializes in painting, applied fabric and graphic design. She works as an art teacher at the Art School in Kielce. She cooperates with Art-Office in Warsaw, Gallery Krebsen in Copenhagen, Autoped Foundation in Rotterdam. She is a member of the association ZPAP in Kielce.

‘In contrast are those who approach a situation by preparing nothing in advance, not bolstering themselves up in any way. Instead, they respond spontaneously and productively; they forget about themselves, about the knowledge, the positions they have. Their egos do not stand in their own way, and it is precisely for this reason that they can fully respond to the other person and that person’s ideas. They give birth to new ideas, because they are not holding onto anything. They come fully alive in the conversation, because they do not stifle themselves by anxious concern with what they have. Their own aliveness is infectious and often helps the other person to transcend his or her egocentricity. Thus the conversation ceases to be an exchange of commodities (information, knowledge, status) and becomes a dialogue in which it does not matter any more who is right.’ (From “TO HAVE OR TO BE” (Chapter II of Part One) by Erich Fromm)

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