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Your donations are greatly appreciated. Please contribute whatever you are able at this time – it will make an immediate difference.

Donations to the "Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland" may be made by PAYPAL, credit card, check, bank draft, or money order, or wire transfer.

If you would like to earmark a donation for a specific project or town that has personal significance for you or your family, please so indicate when you make your donation. You may wish, for example, to sponsor a memorial or monument at a specific site or "ADOPT" a cemetery in your ancestral town. Please contact us at the email address below if you do not see your family town in our alphabetical list of towns appearing at the top of the "About Us" page.

Finally, if your employer has a matching gift program, please consider matching your donation through that program.

To make donations through PayPal:

To make donations using a credit card:

To donate via wire transfer:

  Dotacje on-line

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