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2018-10-01 Marek Sołowiej's art exhibition

The exhibition by Marek Sołowiej entitled "Future - Silence - Nothing? ..." will be presented  in the "Synagogue" Center of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland throughout October 2018. It is a collection of paintings, installations and artistic objects. As the author describes - it is a "painting lesson differently".

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 5 pm in the "Synagogue" Center FODŻ.

About the exhibition:



EXHIBITION BY MAREK SOŁOWIEJ – paintings, installations and objects, IDEA – ART a painting class from a different angle at the “Synagogue” Centre of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage.

There are numerous beings, material and immaterial. Some of them constitute a zone of limitations, other stimulate human beings, their place and time. Depicting a certain area of life may be difficult. Artists for ages have struggled to perfect the visualization of the external and internal world. Marek Sołowiej is such a conceptual artist. The identifying feature of his works is the unconventionality. With an outstanding passion, Marek creates cycles of works which always combine into one complete story.

The artist, who breaks the limits, evokes internal admiration for various natural phenomena. He paints landscapes, portraits, but also creates installations and objects. The underlying idea of all his works is always a human being and their place in contemporary world. Sołowiej is an artist who is remarkably dynamic in his operations.

Is it proved with his exhibition “Future – Silence – Nothing?” at the “Synagogue” Centre of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage. The paintings, installations and objects actuate a new epoch of the artist. They show amazing brilliance at using various structures which interlap, permeate the space and above all, intrigue. Noble colours in the form of different tones of grey, placed smoothly as if transparently at times with brisk paintbrush strokes, express carefreeness and yet, at the same time, a kind of longing for ideal being and better world. He introduces a clean form of half-figures, anonymous interlocutors, frequently granting them geometric a dimension. The colour introduced symbolises dispersed universe which in a moment, in the following works, with the use of deep and glittering black, green and a touch of cadmium red, integrates the world and nullifies nothingness. At some points he dynamizes the image with diagonal lines. Light is born in the installations. The shadow play stresses this highly interesting message passed through the form and touches by unusual and a bit spontaneous, depending on the sunlight, effectiveness so consciously used by the artist. Zinc and titan white combined with the autonomous glass permeates and coexists with the real world. The objects are created with great precision and devotion. Very mature formal and coloristic reflections bring us closer to the “iconosphere” of the zone and age of a contemporary man. The reality is reduced for the benefit of contemplation and synthesis of the form.

The cycles of Marek’s paintings interweave the real world, from full figurativeness to symbolism. The world seen with his eyes is simple. Marek is a painter who does not recycle his ideas in his artistic works. All of his new artistic projects embrace a deep sense of life and are at the same time uncompromising. He continuously returns to the cycle “Remembered Images” and “Determined by natural state of affairs”, which are a permanent attempt at, as he puts it himself: ‘presenting a landscape and an attempt at determining the place of a contemporary man in the landscape – a landscape which can be seen and by defeating the painting frames with imagination find oneself in space which may be measured with our own imagination’.

Yet, he leaves the textural and colour abundance and chooses innovative solutions, autonomous forms. He is very consistent his artistic path, IDEA ART, but the artistic form of the idea continues to change as the artist is very creative, expressive, searching for new artistic experiments and experiences.

The exhibition presents paintings, installations, and objects. The interior of the historic synagogue is filled with contemporary art, it is annexed by the artist who introduces future, silence and contemplation. Marek’s collection is of timeless nature and poses some questions to the viewer. Future – Silence – Nothing? is the title of the exhibition, but at the same time a question we, the viewers of Marek’s works, are asked. Marek Sołowiej’s art is a continuous exploration and analysis of the artistic path. He pursues perfection in his projects. His “IDEA ART - a painting class from a different angle” is still on, it keeps surprising and delivering new contents.

It should be stressed that the artist has a significant artistic output. He is the author of over 50 individual exhibitions both in Poland and all over Europe, laureate of international awards and Polish competitions, two-time holder of grants by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, organiser of artistic plein-air workshops in Zamość and Roztocze region. Populariser and curator of collective exhibitions.

IDEA ART - a painting class from a different angle by Marek Sołowiej is open, the exhibition will last until the end of October at Synagogue” Centre of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Zamość.

Hanna Maziarczyk

art historian

October 2018"

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